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Headquartered in Buffalo, NY, BNY Services was founded with a mission to provide high quality office cleaning and medical office cleaning services at a low cost to our clients. As our company continued to grow in the janitorial services space, we quickly realized that our clients had more than just janitorial needs, they needed a full scale systematic approach for integrated facility management solutions.

 We began offering additional services by utilizing outsourced companies as well as our in-house technicians. Over time, BNY started offering services that included carpet care, floor care, porter services, construction cleaning, and much more. In 2020, BNY took on its first contract in the Southern Florida region and has been seeing steady growth in that market ever since.

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Mission Statement

We strive to provide leading building services in the regions that we operate. By implementing our well-developed processes, we are able to ensure that our technicians and companies are performing all the duties assigned to them. Additionally, our supervisory check system allows a second set of eyes to address any items that may have been missed. These processes help formulate our mission to become one of the leading providers in Buffalo, NY and Southern Florida regions.

Client satisfaction is an important driving factor for us, which is why we strive to always create an all-around program for all our clients. We make sure that our customers receive not only the best daily cleaning services, but also the best building maintenance service. We structure a custom plan for every client which includes carpet cleaning, floor care, and any other services in our scope of work. This helps us ensure that our clients are receiving quality services in all fields of building maintenance.

Compliance Management

Our extensive experience in the field of building management has allowed us to put together systems and processes that ensure compliance with OSHA regulations as well as conform to current cleaning standards. Our supervisory programs ensures that all of our in-house technicians understand the importance of safety management when using cleaning solutions and equipment. Additionally, safety and protective gear is provided to all technicians in accordance to the type of service that is being provided. Our corporate office conducts periodical audits to ensure that all field techs are properly utilizing the equipment and solutions. BNY works with different commercial distributors to obtain the best cleaning solutions out there in our industry today. All of our solutions come with safety sheets and are green certified.

Our integrated facility management operation has assigned team members that monitor the services that our outsourced companies provide. We look for companies that conform to the same standard that we do when it comes to properly handling and managing supplies and solutions. We review all safety protocols with our outsource companies and always keep safety sheets on file prior to assigning jobs with our work order management system.

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By implementing our well-developed processes, we are able to ensure that out technicians and companies are preforming all the duties assigned to them.

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